Co-Codamol- The Fastest Action That Makes Your Life Pain-Free And Secure

11 Jul

One of my friends is a medical consultant and I heard about co-codamol from him for the first time. He has advised me to take co-codamol for any kind of joint or body pain. Once I was suffering from joint pain and doctor prescribed co-codamol, then I asked the doctor about this medicine. My doctor told me

‘Co-codamol is the best pain reliever and it contains paracetamol and a lesser amount of codeine, which helps to control pain very fast’.

There are lots of painkillers available on the market but most of them have side effects and they provide a short-term relief only. I took co-codamol and I know that it is the best pain reliever and I have been taking this medicine for bad headaches and migraine pains. I took this medicine for 3 days and after that my doctor advised me to take less doses of co-codamol for next few days and after I completed the course I was totally cured from the pain. I strongly believe that this medicine is the best painkiller.

Co-codamol OTC

At first, I took this medicine  in frequent small doses e.g. 4 to 6 tablets in twenty four hours but there is a separate dose for different kinds of patients, so you should consult with your doctor and confirm what the best dose for you is. You should keep to the prescribed doses. According to the label and my doctors, the best recommended dose for adults is maximum 6 tablets in twenty four hours. Do not exceed your prescribed dose chart because overdose of co-codamol can have some adverse effects and it will hurt your liver also. So please stick to the doctor’s advice.
If you have liver disease or asthma or kidney infection then do not take co-codamol without prescription. Usually prescription is not needed for purchasing co-codamol in the weaker strengths.  But the stronger versions need a doctors prescription.  Here in the UK, you can get the 500mg paracetamol / 8mg codeine versions over the counter in any pharmacists.  But this is not so strong.   In fact, in the UK you can only get up to a 12.5 mg strength of codeine over the counter.   The prescription medication is much stronger.  You can get 500mg paracetamol with 30mg codeine with a prescription.  This is a very strong painkiller indeed.

Co-codamol 30 / 500 – Prescription Strength

When I needed the stronger Co-codamol 30/500 pills, I went online.  It is 100% legal to buy co-codamol online in the UK in the stronger versions. I found a website that was a licenced UK pharmacy and their doctor wrote me the prescription after an online consultation. I was very please. Co-codamol 30/500 works like a charm for me after taking just a few pills. So I don’t have to take too much of the paracetamol which is good as that stuff is terrible for you liver.


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What Is Co-Codamol? Why Should I Buy It?

19 Sep

Dear friends, this is a very common question regarding Co-codamol. So let me answer it.
Co-codamol is a pain relief medicine. It is a combination of paracetamol and codeine available in various strengths.
I want to share a personal experience with you. My dad was suffering from high fever and after taking some paracetamol he did not recover. When we consulted the doctor, my physician prescribed co-codamol tablets. The doctors prescribed it as it contains both paracetamol and codeine phosphate and is therefore a very effective pain reliever. When I asked the doctor about co-codamol, the doctor told me that “co-codamol is combination of two painkillers so it works twice as fast.”

Then I asked, “What is the difference between other paracetamol pills and co-codamol? Because my dad had already taken some paracetamol but that did not work at all.”

Doctor told me that the simple difference was the codeine and that most people tolerate co-codamol very well. I was confused about the availability of this medicine but all the pharmacies have huge stocks of co-codamol and many different brands, but these are only the weak OTC version. For severe pain you need to check the Internet and buy online.

Anyway, after taking co-codamol, my dad has recovered from fever very quickly. I cannot believe that this medicine works so fast because during his fever my dad suffered from acute body aches too and after taking a complete course for 4 to 5 days he started heading out to the office again. I trust co-codamol and I strongly suggest to all to take this medicine without any confusion.

How should I buy co-codamol?

There are lots of pharmacies where OTC co-codamol is easily available. You can buy co-codamol from any pharmacy if you want to buy the weak OTC version. But you 1005 need a prescription to get the 30/500 co-codamol although you can get this online from some online pharmacies in the UK. It is a mixture of paracetamol and codeine and co-codamol is relatively safe and secure drug, so almost every pharmacist has co-codamol in their stock.

Apart from this you can buy co-codamol online also. There are various online pharmacists in the UK that have prescription strength co-codamol and you can order co-codamol online. So save your time and simply purchase co-codamol online by using your credit and debit cards.

What is the specific dose of co-codamol?

There are separate doses for separate age groups. As I told you earlier that co-codamol is safe but there are some specific doses and you should maintain the required doses. Do not take co-codamol regularly because it can give rise to dependence whereby you get addicted to co-codamol.

According to my doctor’s advice I am sharing some tips for taking co-codamol.

  • People aged more the 12 years can take maximum two co-codamol (30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol) tablets during four hours gap but the maximum limit is eight tablets in twenty four hours. Do not take it randomly.
  • Do not take co-codamol with other paracetamols.
  • Maintain your doctor’s advice and prescribed doses.
  • Do not stop taking co-codamol suddenly because you will feel irritation, headache and dizziness. So consult your doctor and try to reduce the doses day by day.
  • Try to maintain the timing to take co-codamol because huge gap between two doses will accelerate the fever and pain again.
  • Do not prescribe co-codamol to the infants.

Co-codamol is a well known medicine but there is some adverse effect for taking co-codamol regularly or taking it as overdose. If you have kidney or liver related problem then please inform your doctors before taking this medicine because the required dose depends on the patient’s previous medical history and the current situation.

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What Are The Unique Features Of Co-Codamol?

14 Oct

I heard about co-codamol in a party. It really happened; I shall tell you the story. I was invited in my cousin’s marriage ceremony. I was not feeling well during those days due to work pressure I was suffering from acute headache and fever. I looked stressed-out while I attended the ceremony.

My uncle asked me the reason and advised me to take co-codamol. He gave me a co-codamol tablet and after taking it I was really surprised. My headache vanished in a short time. After that my doctor also prescribed me co-codamol for few days and after I completed the course, I was completely cured. Co-codamol is really nice and only because of co-codamol I enjoyed the party.

Some unique features of co-codamol:

  • Co-codamol is FDI approved medicine, so it is safe and secure.
  • Co-codamol is a combination of paracetamol and codeine. So it works very fast as a pain reliever.
  • It contains less amount of codeine, so it has almost no side effect.
  • It is easily available in every pharmaceutical shop.
  • You can buy co-codamol online also.
  • Prescription is not mandatory for buying this medicine.
  • There are no chances for addiction to co-codamol.

Some suggestions regarding the proper use of Co-codamol:

I generally take co-codamol when I suffer from any kind of pain and I suggest to all that you can take it to remove your pain. This is the best pain relief medicine but if you have any previous disease related to your heart, liver, kidneys and lungs then you should inform your doctor before taking this medicine.

One of my friends was suffering from back pain and his doctor prescribed co-codamol but due to unavoidable pain he took 10 to 12 co-codamol tablets in twenty four-hours. His doctor prescribed only 6 tablets in twenty four hour so he went totally against his doctors instructions. After taking the overdose, he had some liver-related problems. So do not take it in excess because doing so may come back to haunt you in terms of liver damage.

The adverse effects of co-codamol:

There is no harmful component in co-codamol (except the paracetamol if taken in excess) but if you do not maintain the prescribed dose then you can face some problems. To ensure your safety please take the advice of your doctor to heart and try to follow the prescribed dose. There is a separate scheduled dose for those who have asthma, liver cirrhosis, intestine and kidney related problems. So consult your doctor to know your exact doses.

Where is it available?

If you want to take this medicine then you can buy OTC co-codamol from any pharmacy or else you can buy co-codamol online. Co-codamol is a well known medicine in United Kingdom and it is recurrently prescribed by the registered physicians of the UK. Outside the UK, this medicine is now available in the other parts of the world like Australia, Canada, United States, and Norway also. So there is enough reason to take co-codamol as a pain reliever and I am sure that it will help you to reduce your pain.



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